i dont give a fuck like im celibate (brokenspindles) wrote in goldstandardlab,
i dont give a fuck like im celibate

shirtsssss for sale

Band Color Size
Sawtooth Grin Turquoise Small/YL
fast forward blue small
crucial unit black YL/S
das oath/total fury blue Small
magrudergrind small
dosage and usage black yl
le shok black small yl
scholastic deth white small
textbook traitors red small
virgin mega whore black yl/small
Cinema Eye Black Small
Some Girls Black YL
Black Castle Pink YL/Small
Tracy+The Plastics Pink YL/Small
An Albatross yellow medium
An Albatross blue yl/small
uzi suicide red yl
jr ewing black yl
ex models black small/yl
cameraobscura brown yl
funeral diner brown small
mara'akate black yl
gravy train red yl/small
adonisbtlfld baby blue small
crucial unit black YL
!!! blue YL
since by man black small
out hud blue small
alexisonfire black small
as i lay dying black ylsmall
the faint black small/medium
betweentehburied&me tan small
dance disaster movement pink/white small/small

all good quality
if you buy one than one i'll hook it up better
pics on request
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